Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ER blumenthal

Today was a bit of a mad one. ER decided she simply did not want to do any work of any kind today.
We all have those days right? I didn't fancy a argument so I asked her if she wanted to watch some video's on YouTube. She enjoyed the ones yesterday. We watched some Horrible Histories clips of the Vile Victorians and suddenly she decided that she wanted to know what Mexico was like so we took to Google Maps and had a virtual trip across the world :)
Finally we did a bit of cooking and made a coconut loaf cake. I found a nice simple recipe online and let ER do the rest.
She read the ingredients list and the method all by herself which actually suprised me!
Then she went onto weighing all the ingredients out and following the method, the only thing I did was put the oven on.
The cake was left in longer than needed because she wanted to stick to the 'rules' We ended up with a beautiful (if a bit burnt coconut cake :D )

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