Saturday, 6 February 2016

ER expressed that she likes doing worksheets to my suprise! I joined a couple of sites called TES and Twinkl where they have some amazing resources. Most of the stuff is free to download off TES on Twinkl some of the stuff is free to download however, If you plan on using the rescources a lot I suggest going for the platinum deal as the rescources are truely worth it.
We printed off some Maths, and English ones to start with. I went very basic with CVC words. Just to get her feeling confident with her spelling and writing.
ER responds well to rewards so we also printed off a simple sticker chart. She doesnt know but she will get a star on it daily. Its to keep her mood and confidence up. She got one on friday when she had been playing with a box, she said 'but mum Ive not done any work' to which I replied yes you have. You have just made yourself a Boxtroll outfit! Thats art, design and maths right there! She was very proud I must say :)

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